Review: Welcome to Bobby’s Motel by Pottery

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Review: Welcome to Bobby’s Motel by Pottery

Montreal-based Pottery release their debut album, Welcome to Bobby’s Motel, an enjoyable indie record that radiates summer vibes.

Rating: 3.5/5


Pottery, the five-piece indie band, released their debut album, Welcome to Bobby’s Motel, on June 26, bringing forward a diverse sound. The band clearly takes inspiration from the quirky 80s-sounds of Talking Heads and the punk sounds of Devo. And so, their debut release should be on your radar if you’re a fan of that 80s alt sound.

The Montreal-based band consists of five members: Austin Boylan, Jacob Shepansky, Peter Baylis, Paul Jacobs and Tom Gould. For them, the album, consisting of 11 songs, is a “celebration of rhythm and groove” to create their “psychedelic dreamworld”.

The lead singles

The lead singles, Texas Drums Pt I & II, emit a summery aura. The songs have a playful guitar riff and an apparent cowbell addition, which contributes to its Caribbean aesthetic and Latin flavour. Pt I is fast-paced and lively with its catchy guitar riffs, with a very Talking Heads-esque rhythm. Pt II is more of a chaotic piece of audio, with more monotone voices encompassing a sort of late 80s indie sound to it.

The bizarre music video

Although at first watch, you may think the Texas Drums Pt 1 video is odd and unusual. But you’ll soon realise that the humour and originality are incredible. The video perfectly goes in hand with the catchy tune, with its aim to be funny yet funky, but also sort of absurdist. I found it hilarious, not in a way to disregard the tune, but instead to lift its spirit.

The editing of the video is also faultless. The graphics fit perfectly with the quirky ambience. In a way, it’s unexplainable how the song fits with the video, even as they effortlessly blend together in a unique manner. Some may describe it as modern art. Overall, it is a seamlessly edited video that has a short film feel, matching the mood of the music. The abnormal storyline and strong characters give a further nod to the experimental music videos of 80s alternative bands.

The story behind the album title

Fans and new listeners may be confused by the album title. This album has allowed the band to draw focus away from themselves and on some sort of alternative universe and person. This can be viewed as concentrating on the music rather than fantasising over the band itself. The aim is that the album is not specific and instead can reach out to all audiences. 

The motel setting is inexpensive but comical, it’s something that everyone is allowed to experience: a sense of escapism. The band itself is escaping by setting up this alter ego. As a listener, you can escape reality with this made-up persona of Bobby and the fabricated situation. Although it seems completely random, it is also relatable simultaneously due to the escapist desires. Hence, this is done through music and the album title encompasses this feeling of being free and enlightened. You are drawn in by the mystery of the title, becoming more interested, but also get to enjoy the comical side through the music and the video. 

Welcome to Bobby’s Motel by Pottery is out on Friday, June 26.