The Future of Fashion

The Future of Fashion

With fast fashion being increasingly scrutinised, we explore the ten sustainable UK fashion brands you need to know about.

Over 92 million tonnes of waste is produced every year. The not-so-trendy side of the fast fashion industry is more apparent than ever. The effects of our throwaway culture, which emerged through decades of overconsumption, are becoming increasingly hard to ignore. Now with a society so ready for change, it’s clear why independent sustainable fashion brands are on the rise.

In the process of juggling affordability with sustainability, however, it can be difficult to know where to look for ethically made and eco-friendly clothing. Therefore, here is a roundup of our top ten sustainable UK fashion brands you need to know about, no matter what your price point may be:

  1. Before July

Timeless and effortlessly cool made-to-order slow fashion pieces created by British Designer Elisa Jaycott. Before July was “born from the desire to decrease the demand for ‘throw away’ fashion creating unique statement pieces to stand the test of time”. Therefore, each order is custom made so that fabric waste is reduced and the perfect fit is created for every customer. If you’re a fan of puff sleeves and a hint of colour block, this one is for you.

  1. Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak are a Brighton based handmade clothing brand. They specialise in creating feel good comfortable clothing, often made from organic fabrics. Furthermore, Lucy & Yak emphasise ethical production and ensure a living wage is paid at all stages of production. They are also well known for their classic oversized dungaree style, a comfy wardrobe staple!

  1. Burnt Soul

Burnt Soul create ethical activewear and party wear for self-proclaimed “wild souls”. This feel-good clothing brand is a festival lover’s dream with a wide array of neons, prints and glittery fabrics. Not only do they use incredible fabrics, but Burnt Soul also use several eco-fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and old fishing nets. Additionally, you can create your own custom items mix n’ matching fabrics to create something entirely unique to you. Burnt Soul garments are ethically made by a small Bristol based team of seamstresses.

  1. House of Sunny

House of Sunny is a London based independent womenswear label. They are known for using ethical fabrics such as recycled and eco fabrics. House of Sunny also creates “seasonless” pieces with just two drops a year. They pride themselves on creating small runs of ready-to-wear collections that can be worn year-round, no matter the season. You will find some real wardrobe staples on their site!

  1. TALA

Founded by fitness influencer Grace Beverley, TALA creates high performance and flattering activewear with responsibility at the fore. TALA aims to make inclusive, sustainable and ethically made clothing at an accessible price point.

  1. Hissy Fit Clothing 

Funky print lover? Hissy Fit is the brand for you! They manufacture all products in their family-owned Birmingham factory in small, limited runs. If you’re keen on the hankie top trend, their selection is worth a look.

  1. Stella McCartney

At the upper end of the price scale, Stella McCartney produces “sustainable luxury fashion”. They use a range of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton, regenerated cashmere and recycled polyester. The luxury brand is also the first to guarantee its viscose is derived from sustainable sources.

  1. Veja

If you’re looking for some comfy and stylish trainers to replace your Nike’s, then you have met your match. Branded as “ecological sneakers”, Veja uphold their sustainability values by adhering to fair trade practice. They also use organic cotton, recycled plastics and CWL (a vegan and bio-sourced alternative to leather and plastics) in their production.

  1. Gosh Girl 

Groovy. Original. Sustainable. Handmade. With a name like that it’s no surprise these unique bags live up to all expectations. From her home studio in Wales, designer Amy Smith creates small, limited run collections from a range of scrap fabrics. They are often from her overflowing collection or she collaborates with print designers. After sourcing the fabrics, they are then printed to order in the UK to minimise waste.

  1. Olivia Rose The Label

Born from a love of sewing inspired by her grandma, Olivia Rose Havelock founded the British slow fashion label “Olivia Rose The Label” in 2017. Every item is handmade to order in her Edinburgh studio using locally sourced materials, keeping waste to a minimum.

Final thoughts

Sustainable fashion does not necessarily need to be expensive or out of reach to the average person. Now that more conversations are being had about the fashion industry and the way we consume, hopefully we will see more ethical and sustainable brands.

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