Review: Bastie and Brine’s Lullaby Highs

Review: Bastie and Brine’s Lullaby Highs

Singer songwriter Bastie has teamed up with former Oasis producer, Nick Brine, on his latest single Lullaby Highs.

Rating: 3/5

With a sound that emanates less Oasis and more Ed Sheeran, Lullaby Highs is cheesy but irritably catchy.

Infectious and emotive

Lullaby Highs is the lockdown brainchild of Bastie and Brine, due to be released on the March 12. It is the first of several songs to be released this year, produced at Rockfield Studios. Provided lockdown restrictions ease as planned, Bastie hopes to continue performing across the country. He has already gained popularity from Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing as former “introducing artist of the week”. BBC presenter Andrew Marston once said Bastie’s sound consisted of “infectious melodies and emotive lyrics”.

In fairness, Lullaby Highs has both infectious melodies and emotive lyrics, acting as a commentary on modern — and lockdown — life. This type of song writing is neither radical nor new. The song follows a recurrent narrative that there must be more to life than its everyday dullness. Again, this idea is not new. Despite this, it is done well; the lyrics are both catchy and fun. “Drinking cheap red wine” is relatable for both mums and hipsters alike.

Could it be this year’s summer anthem?

It’s a solid single. The lyrics are pretty, the voice is melodic and complemented well by the sound. However, personally speaking, I don’t really like it. But I expect this is down to personal taste. There’s nothing wrong with the track if you like pop music and whimsical romantic notions. ‘Lullaby highs’ is probably very appealing. It is summery and sweet and therefore perhaps quite fitting for a potential summer out of lockdown. It’s the perfect song for a summer barbecue.

A song that feels this good can only have a positive impact on an audience that has been through multiple lockdowns, which have had negative effects on public morale. Now is the time for more songs like Lullaby Highs — — songs that convey hope. The creative sector is vital in bringing this out.

Having said that, lyrics like “stuck in a world where you can’t go out past ten” are quite cynical. Yet the chorus counteracts this through its hopeful connotations. “We can dream” is repeated throughout, showing that despite the everyday stress and anxiety of modern life, there is optimism that life can improve and be joyous. It’s realistic in that sense.

Final thoughts

As much as it’s hard to admit, it’s an enjoyable piece of music. It’s catchy and fun. Singer-songwriter meets pop. So in a sense, it appeals across genres. Perhaps Hereford’s answer for Ed Sheeran is onto something, and Lullaby Highs is the cheesy piece of feel-good pop we all need.

Lullaby Highs is available to stream on SoundCloud.

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