What Will Campus Life Be Like Post-COVID?

What Will Campus Life Be Like Post-COVID?

We’re all wondering what 2021 is going to bring for us as our next academic year is fast approaching. City University is making adequate changes to ensure your learning environment and overall campus life is safe post-COVID.

Provisional Plans

Online learning has been a very different experience for us. However, it has shown that this approach can also be useful, for instance, many students have found that recorded lectures have helped them in their studies. That’s why you will be happy to know 2021-22 will offer us a blended learning experience integrating both campus and online learning, so we can have an improved campus life.

What this means is that we will have, for each module

  • Some campus teaching
  • Some online teaching (live and ‘asynchronous’)

Whilst all these changes are being considered, it is important to know that students will be supported even if they can’t join in person post-COVID.


From June 21st we will be able to access more Library spaces, hopefully without time restrictions in Northampton Square campus as well as various study spaces around the university including the Law and Business buildings. The opening times for City’s campus libraries are available here and other Library services can be found online.

How To Support Your Wellbeing As A Student

Student Wellbeing is at the forefront of our time at University and we all known it can all get overwhelming sometimes and that’s why it’s important to know help is always available, whether on campus or online.

Here’s how you can make your time as a student a lot easier:

City Sport

Going to the gym is an effective way to relieve stress. You will be glad to know that CitySport has reopened and you can find more information on accessibility and opening times on their website.

Mental health

Support and advice will be readily available both on-campus and online. The University provides specialist mental health mentoring to help students manage their studies and mental health.

More information is available here.

Plans On Social Distancing Guidelines And Online Learning

Returning back to campus can be a daunting time for all of us, especially when most of us haven’t been on campus for a very long time. But rest assured, City is preparing for students to return to campus with proper safety measures.

Safety measures post-COVID in campus
Safety in University Post-COVID


Plans are being put in place for recorded lectures for courses that did not previously provide this resource to adapt to the changing circumstances.


The University is planning to remain open for some in-person seminars with fewer students in each group to maintain social distancing. There will be fewer desks and computers, spaced two metres apart in each seminar room.

If you would like to find out about what these changes mean for your course, please contact your specific departments.


Disability Access

Lifts are going to become more readily available throughout campus for wheelchair users with adequate social distancing measures in place. Extra support will also continue to be available if you are eligible for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

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