Spotlight Week: City University’s Fashion Flare Society

Spotlight Week: City University’s Fashion Flare Society

Alice Clifford interviews the founder and president of City University’s Fashion Flare society to find out more about their society and how to get involved.

A place of inclusivity and fun:

One incredible society to get involved with is City’s fashion society, Fashion Flare. Whether you are a fashionista or a fashion newbie, this society brings people together to celebrate their love for style and creativity. Society president and founder Cali Hamilton describes the society as “creative, inclusive and life changing” and while in the interview she laughed at sounding dramatic – I couldn’t agree more.

Providing a space for people of all backgrounds, interests and personalities to come together is an incredible and life changing opportunity. Hamilton wants to create a place where everyone can be themselves completely and fashion is the perfect way to do this as we have all the fabric in the world to express who we are.

Why should people get involved with this society?

To join Fashion Flare you don’t need any previous experience or fashion skills, hence it is a wonderfully inclusive space. As Hamilton says “everyone is welcome”. However, if you are experienced in the world of fashion, the society will enable you to enhance your skills, network with others who are interested in a career in fashion and meet professionals who can give you advice or inspiration.

One of the society’s key aims is to encourage people to have fun with fashion while still remaining on a budget – something I am sure everyone needs help with! This is a key skill all university students need to perfect as university isn’t the most financially easy experience. Hamilton states that she “doesn’t want people to feel like they have to cut back on who they are and who they represent themselves as through their fashion, just because they know financially it doesn’t work for them”.

Therefore, this society is the perfect place to get good tips and tricks about stylishly surviving uni. She says: “Everyone wants to know how to look good on a budget right?”

What has the society got planned?

As things have halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamilton emphasises how excited the team are to bring their ideas to fruition.

This year the society plans to organise up-cycling and customising clothing sessions, clothes swaps and talks with fashion experts. She is especially excited to collaborate with a vintage Burberry trench coat customiser, who will be able to provide budding fashionistas with information about the ever-evolving fashion industry.

How To Get Involved:

If you are interested in joining the society the best thing to do is to look at the Fashion Flare Instagram account, @cityfashionflare – from there you can get a better idea about the society and the people within it. There is lots of information about what the society has to offer, the roles available and the latest style trends.

So, feel free to send them a message with any questions you may have!

Quick Fact File on Fashion Flare’s Founder and President:

  • Name: Cali Hamilton
  • Course: Mechanical Engineering student at City
  • Fun fact: She has her own clothing and trainer customising business
  • Fashion Icons: Vivian Westwood and Alexander McQueen due to their fearlessness as they aren’t “afraid to push the limits of fashion”.
  • Tips on upcoming trends: Tartan and Leather

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