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Unsolved mysteries: An ever growing phenomenon

Crime documentaries and unsolved mysteries are an ever-growing phenomenon.

We, as the viewers, are fascinated by many unusual things. For instance, life in prison and the mentality of a serial killer. There are even the occasional UFO sightings. And lastly, the unusual circumstances around someone’s death. Netflix does well in feeding our obsession and has released two seasons of Unsolved Mysteries this year. This comes paired alongside a large range of true crime documentaries and series.

Unsolved Mysteries was originally released in 1987, and has 15 seasons to its name. The themes in the episodes include UFOs, ghosts, miracles, psychics, bizarre murders, and strange legends. The original episodes can all be found on YouTube, on their Unsolved Mysteries channel. Netflix finally rebooted it this year. The first season was released in July and the second season in October.


Here are the top 10 unsolved mysteries:


1. Death Row Fugitive (Netflix – Season 2, Episode 3)

In the 1960s, a girl from Ohio was shot by Lester Eubanks. He later confessed to the crime and was put on death row. However, Eubanks took an opportunity to run away while out with the other inmates. To this day, he is yet to be found…

2. The Circleville Writer (YouTube – Season 7, Episode 6)

In 1976, a couple from a small town in Ohio started to receive intrusive letters with personal information. Mary Gillispie was accused of having an affair. Her husband, Ron, then received a letter stating his life would be in danger if he didn’t stop the affair. This also includes a car crash, an intense trial, and a postcard to the Unsolved Mysteries from the writer. There are a lot of similarities between the Zodiac Killer with this one.

3. Teresita Basa (YouTube – Season 2, Episode 26)

The Teresita Basa case has a fascinating mix of violence and the paranormal. In 1997, Basa’s body was found at her home under a burning mattress, with a knife in her chest. Her co-worker told a detective something months later. She said she was having dreams and visions where Basa was pleading with her to explain what happened. According to the co-worker’s husband, a voice even possessed her twice, naming the killer.

4. Coral Polge (YouTube – Season 3, Episode 11)

This episode is about Coral Polge, who was a “psychic artist”. He drew dead people without seeing them. Polge drew images of these dead people whilst they were still alive. You must see it to believe it because Polge’s depictions are scarily accurate and uncanny.

5. Oakville Blobs (YouTube – Season 9, Episode 6)

In 1994, residents in Oakville, Washington, started to notice weird gooey material falling from the sky. This occurred on multiple occasions over the course of three weeks. Weirdly, people then came down with mysterious illnesses that many thought they could trace back to these toxic blobs. The material was initially believed to be human waste illegally released from airplanes. However, a study of one of the blobs revealed something truly unexplainable.

6. Netflix’s Limited Series: Unsolved

This 10-part documentary focuses on the murders of Tupac Shakur in 1999 and Biggie Smalls in 1997. It unravels corruption, secrets, and an investigation that has yet to come to a solid conclusion.

7. Netflix’s The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in 2007 continues to dominate British politics and media today. This eight-part drama provides us with all the facts, despite her case remaining unsolved.

8. Tsunami Spirits (Netflix – Season 2, Episode 4)

In 2011, an earthquake caused a terrifying tsunami to sweep over Japan and kill over 20,000 people. The tone of this episode is sinister. It also grows eerie as taxi drivers recount their ghost passengers and locals have visions of their missing loved ones. These reports are unbelievable at first but have evidence to back them up, which makes them even more gripping.

9. Kurt Sova (YouTube – Season 1, Episode 9)

In 1981, 17-year-old Kurt left his house one afternoon and never returned. He had gone to a Halloween party but everything after that remains a mystery. Days after his disappearance, his body was found in a ravine. What’s even more interesting is that the police had investigated this ravine only a day before. So the question is, how did the body get there?

10. Tallman House (YouTube – Season 12, Episode 7)

In 1987, a couple bought a bunk bed for their children to use. However, the children started to become unusually ill and objects in their house took a life of their own. On top of this, the family saw a chilling figure multiple times. This episode certainly makes Paranormal Activity look tame.

This list makes a small dent in the sheer volume of unsolved mysteries available to us. However, it is indeed a good place to start.

Unsolved Mysteries has an online fandom, where members provide additional facts to the cases. There is also the UK True Crime Podcast on Spotify. This podcast provides a new mystery every week for those of us who just can’t get enough.

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