Top 10 self-help books you need in 2021

Top 10 self-help books you need in 2021

Tired of reading textbooks and online articles? Here are our top ten books for beating the January blues and kickstarting the new year.

As we leave the chaos of 2020 behind us, we approach this new year with a positive mindset. New Year resolutions provide the motivation to better ourselves, be it mentally or physically. Here are the top 10 self-help books you need to boost your wellbeing and ensure success.

  1. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This entertaining how-to guide offers inspiring stories and empowering advice on how to neglect your self-sabotaging mindset and create a life of success. As well as exercises, You Are a Badass allows you to find your true identity and practice self-love.

  1. Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

King presents this easy yet inspiring read for those who wish to indulge in more self-care. This book contains the author’s own anecdotes and highlights realistic situations which we often find ourselves in. With uplifting advice on overcoming your fears and eliminating toxic energy, this book encourages you to become the best version of yourself.

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  1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Tolle demonstrates how our thoughts and emotions can often disturb our goals of living a care-free life. The message is simple: living in the now is your step forward to happiness. Instead of letting your overthinking control you, focus on the present moment and find inner peace.

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

This down-to-earth book explains how four laws are the key to establishing good habits and living a successful life. This book acts as a reminder to focus on our small improvements, which in turn create bigger accomplishments. The author also provides us with techniques we can apply to our everyday life, to guarantee we make the most out of our habits.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Seven essential habits you need to incorporate into your life to adapt to change and to make the most out of the opportunities that change creates. Covey uses relatable stories and practical advice to help you tackle both your personal and professional problems.

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  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 

This well-known novel remains an inspiration for those who wish to pursue their resolutions this year. The iconic story follows a shepherd boy who goes in search of his dreams one random night. He encounters numerous spiritual messengers and finally an alchemist, who encourages him to stay true to his ambitions. Coelho presents powerful messages in this tale of self-discovery.

  1. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Kaur doesn’t fail to impress in this poetry book. She expresses heartfelt messages on raw topics like love, loss and violence. Follow this book through a journey of dealing with pain and heartache as you discover the sweetness that life’s moments have to offer.

  1. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne 

For those who know The Secret, this phenomenal book is another one of Byrne’s iconic works that provides readers with exceptional teachings on the art of manifestation. The Magic acts as a journal with activities to try for 28 days, practising the element of gratitude and healing with astonishing results.

  1. Gaslighting by Stephanie Starkis 

This book is a must for those who would like to be educated on the matter. Dr Starkis explains what gaslighting is and provides readers with ways that they can spot it in their everyday lives. Most importantly, she teaches you how to break free from emotional manipulation.

  1. It’s All In Your Head by Russ

Musician Russ shares the lessons he has learnt on his journey towards becoming an artist. Russ encourages the reader to have self-belief and to follow your goals. His truly motivating life experiences will inspire you to take leaps of faith and to continue your dreams, even if you fail at first.

It's All in Your Head

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Final thoughts

Books are a fantastic form of escapism, particularly in circumstances as challenging as lockdowns. Both fiction and non-fiction books can educate you and provide different perspectives on what life has to offer.

Need more inspiration? If you are looking to support independent bookstores, is a fantastic website to use. There are also plenty of Facebook groups allowing you to buy and sell pre-loved books or to swap with people across the country.

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