Skirts, sunhats and slogan tees: Nine summer staples

Skirts, sunhats and slogan tees: Nine summer staples

With summer approaching soon, it’s important to get our wardrobes ready for the change in season. In preparation, we’ve curated a look book of summer wardrobe staples.

Here’s a list of all the things you need to look and feel good this summer.

Midi skirts

Miniskirts have been a staple in our wardrobes for so long, so much so that midi skirts have slipped under the radar.

However, around two summers ago I re-discovered my love for paper-bag midi skirts. They’re flattering on all body types, can be dressed up or down and are perfect for both the summer and autumn seasons. The skirt pictured is from an earlier spring collection at H&M, however, they are constantly creating and altering their midi skirts to adapt to each season.

Recreate the look: Similar skirt, jumper, boots, skirt, bag

Inayah Shah

Dungarees and bright’s

After a year of being in and out of lockdown, people have started to seek a new style for themselves to reinvent their post-lockdown image. What could be better than incorporating some much-needed brightness through the dreamiest of dungarees?

Dungarees have found their popularity in high street shops recently, but my top pick this summer is from Lucy and Yak and H&M. Lucy and Yak are an ethically, forward-thinking company that prides itself on their safe and upright work conditions.

If dungarees aren’t enough to satisfy your boundary-pushing cravings, I suggest levelling up the boldness by layering some black dungarees with a bright, strong colour. Brighter block colours and patterns can bring some extra oomph to your outfit.

Denim dungarees can be a bit intense for hotter days, so Lucy and Yak offer some loose-fitting, lighter material dungarees.

Recreate The Look: Similar jumpers, dungarees, boots.

Longline duster jackets

It may be hot during the day, but it’s important to have something light to wear for those cool summer evenings. It can be hard to find a happy medium but the nöl collective has all the answers.

The nöl collective is based in Palestine and all products are designed and created there, with a store in Ramallah. They are community-driven and work with Palestinians, with a key focus on giving work to Palestinian women. Their garments are also made to order to help drive down waste. The materials used by the company ensure that their garments are weather appropriate and not only comfortable but also showcase Palestinian talent and creativity.

“Made with Italian-linen, this warmer-weather longline duster is featured in a slouchy, relaxed silhouette. The lightweight fabric and breezy fit make this the perfect layering piece for spring and summer. Named for the warm colors of Jericho’s landscape.” – nöl collective

Kurta tops

It took me a while, but I’ve finally started to appreciate the pure comfort and beauty of wearing kurta tops. Kurta tops are a popular garment in Southeast Asia and over the years have become normalised in day-to-day wear. Being Pakistani, kurta tops have been a popular garment in my family’s cupboard for years, but even more so during summer as they are usually made from cotton.

After years of my mum and grandma buying them for me, I finally conceded, and have never looked back. I used to be apprehensive to wear them either to work or to school, in the fear it would be seen as too ‘ethnic’. However, I realised not only are they smart, but they can also be dressed up or dressed down, to adapt to whatever the occasion.

They are generally more expensive as they feature intricate details and stitching, however, they are great for longevity and comfort.

Khaadi is just one of the many companies that sell ready to wear kurta tops.

Recreate the Look: Kurta tops, jeans, boots

Long dresses

Just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to long sleeves! Despite how hot summer can be, I still prefer to incorporate either long-sleeved or long length dresses or shirts into my wardrobe.

In a search to find long, summer-friendly dresses, I came across Mølby The Label. Mølby The Label has the summer dress aesthetic we’re all looking for! The website is full of bright, handmade dresses that can be worn by everyone.

“Mølby The Label is an independent, British, slow-fashion brand. Each garment is designed and handmade.” – Mølby The Label

Boiler suits

Sticking to the theme of long sleeves in summer, lighter material boiler suits are one of my must-haves for this time of year.

Not only are they perfect for dressing up or down, but they’re also insanely comfortable. I find them particularly popular with modest clothing brands such as Kabayare Fashion and Modanisa, but they are a universally loved look. For the perfect summer boiler suit, I would recommend Lucy and Yak again for their vibrancy and cosiness.

Slogan tees

During the peak of summer, sometimes an uncomplicated, stripped back outfit is the way to go. To achieve this look, I recommend the staple for any season – a plain white tee. The plain white tee is timeless and never goes out of style. However, if you’re looking for a shirt with an extra little something, maybe upgrade your plain white tee to a slogan tee.

In the current climate, people want t-shirts that are representative of their views or personalities and there are various brands that sell them. My top recommendations are the brands Dream On Playwear, Choose Love or just an old vintage concert t-shirt.

Dream On “create colourful, positive, limited-edition kids and adults clothes that spark imagination, start conversations and raise money to fight the issues of today.” – Dream On Playwear.

“Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice.” – Choose Love.

Recreate the look: White concert tee, cropped sleeve blazer, Choose Love t-shirt.


Hats are an important addition to your summer wardrobe. Not only are they essential in protecting your head from the sun, but they’re also super stylish!

One of my favourite type of hats are ones that add eccentricity and flamboyance to your look. Swap out caps for big hats or bucket hats for a stylish layer of protection from the sun.

Recreate the Look: Shirt, skirt, hat.


Inayah Shah


Finally, where would our outfits be if we didn’t have a good pair of shoes to finish off the look? If you’re tired of wearing the same shoes over and over again, how about upgrading your look with Lazy Oaf?

Lazy Oaf has recently launched a Melissa x Lazy Oaf collection, featuring 70s style sandals to live out your vibrant style goals. Lazy Oaf also takes its role of being an ethical, sustainable and forward-thinking company seriously.

“As a company Lazy Oaf is committed to becoming a more sustainable and responsible business wherever possible. We care deeply about the impact we have and want you to know that we are taking steps to improve every day.” – Lazy Oaf.

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