How to prepare for on-campus learning after a year online

How to prepare for on-campus learning after a year online

Whilst the summer break has begun, many first-years are anxious. As the last academic year has been conducted online, many will have their first in-person lectures as second years. 

COVID-19 has meant that, over the last year, only students with specific degrees have been allowed on campus. As a result, the majority have been studying course online. We all know how daunting it can be to step onto campus for the first time, let alone physically coming to campus after a full year of minimal social contact. However, it can also be very exciting getting to meet the faces you’ve been seeing behind your laptop screen. Here, we present a guide for those coming onto campus for the first time on what they can expect.

1. Familiarise yourself beforehand

It can be very nerve-wracking to explore the university campus for the first time, and you might be wondering how you can make your return to campus easier. Why not start by watching a virtual tour of the university before you attend in person? This will help you to familiarise yourself with the campus so that when you return, you won’t need to stress about getting lost.

Making Friends on Campus
Image Credits. NAASSOM AZEVEDO ON UNSPLASH, Making new friends on Campus

2. Make friends on campus

Feeling anxious and scared about making friends on campus?

Well,  there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Everyone is in the same boat as you and might be just as worried about socialising after such a long period of remote learning.

Here’s an idea to make your transition into campus and making friends a lot easier: why not connect with peers from your course who you met online throughout the summer? This will help you get to know them before you make that transition onto campus. It’ll be less overwhelming, and it’ll be something to look forward to.

3. Join a society!

Completing first year entirely online has deflated many students. Many feel that they have missed out on key experiences, such as the Fresher’s Fair and the vital opportunity to make friends. Don’t worry! There will definitely be a Fresher’s Fair for both first and second-year students, in which you will get to meet other students from all the courses City has to offer. The Fresher’s Fair comes with lots of perks, such as special discounted services and free goodies. Not only this, but you can join a range of societies if you haven’t already and explore what they have to offer. In fact, why not join City’s new Creative Writing society? Or the Manga society? The choices are endless, so start exploring the options on City’s Student Union website!

Studying in London
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Are you an international student and are planning on staying in London whilst continuing your second year at City? Then you might be thinking about what can you do to make the experience of moving to a new city easier. You can always start your journey of making yourself more familiar with City University by exploring the many amenities London has to offer. Why not go on walks in the bustling streets to see what the city has in store for you? Have fun, let loose and enjoy your time seeing London’s attractions. Your experience studying at City will be all the more special for it.

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