Where Tokyo meets Tulum: New allergy-friendly restaurant opening today in Broadgate, East London. 

Where Tokyo meets Tulum: New allergy-friendly restaurant opening today in Broadgate, East London. 

A vibrant new Japanese Mexican restaurant opened this morning in the City of London, Los Mochis, and it is completely free of gluten, nuts, and celery. 

It is the second restaurant opened by the Los Mochis team, founded by Markus Thesleff, with the first opening in 2021 in Notting Hill and winning the SME Greater London Award for Best Mexican Cuisine in West London.  

The space embraces the gluten-free community with an ambient display of colourful murals, a sushi bar, and a rooftop terrace with ‘’breathtaking views of the city’’. 

Matt Bzdel is a gluten-free Instagram influencer and food reviewer based in London. He has over 98 thousand followers and visits the original spot in Notting Hill frequently.  

Bzdel explained that he feels it is ‘’rare’’ to find a restaurant without gluten ‘’that feels cool and trendy’’, particularly in the East London area. 

The restaurant also contributes to the Give Back Programme, so for every meal purchased, one is provided for the homeless. This has led to the donation of over 260 thousand meals to the less fortunate. 

Their menu includes a delicate blend of cultures, showcasing ‘’the freshest raw seafood’’ and an array of tacos, ceviches, and tiraditos. They also have a variety of cocktails and sake which can be enjoyed in their lounge area or rooftop terrace. 

Photo by: Los Mochis 

Influencer Bzdel said that the ‘’unconventional combination of flavours’’ really works for him, as there is ‘’something novel about having sushi and tacos’’. 

He explained that he and his community can ‘’eat safely’’ at the new restaurant with family and friends that have no dietary restrictions ‘’and they will never know it’s gluten-free’’. 

Bzdel said the Notting Hill location is ‘’infinitely charming’’ and awaits the new site eagerly. 

A key aspect that defines this charming experience is the elaborate artwork by Mexican contemporary artist Jorge Tellaeche. He said that the four murals at the new City of London site each ‘’tell different stories but all tie unto one that is to celebrate life together’’.  

Tellaeche described that his work has a clear Mexican reference, but it is ‘’impossible not to find inspiration in other cultures’’, adding to the pan pacific atmosphere. 

The murals unravel as you travel up the multi-story restaurant, leading to ‘’an amazing experience once you go up to the ninth floor’’. 

He said that it was clear through his work with them that the Los Mochis team ‘’don’t see themselves as just a restaurant, but an entertainment experience’’.  

Tellaeche believes the restaurant will fit very well into East London in Broadgate, as it’s ‘’a fun and expressive neighbourhood that celebrates street art and artistic freedom.’’ 


Jorge Tellaeche: jorge@tellaeche.com   

Online interview on 2nd April 2024 

Matt Bzdel: matt@glutenfreestreetgang.com  

Zoom interview on 3rd April 2024